LBA Job Listings



The Lake Barcroft waterfront beach lifeguard works under the direct supervision of the Lake Barcroft Water Safety Supervisor and his/her deputy managers to safeguard all beach patrons from drowning and other accidents. The Lifeguards are responsible for constant patron surveillance of their assigned area and enforcement of recreational rules and regulations established by the Lake Barcroft Association. In addition, waterfront lifeguards must practice preventative lifeguarding, keep themselves physically fit and mentally aware, maintain and operate safety equipment, administer first-aid as required, and render aid necessary to rescue and resuscitate near drowning victims. The lifeguard also assists in the cleaning, security, and maintenance of LBA common properties on and adjacent to beach areas. The lifeguard is expected to work as part of a larger response team under the direction of the Water Safety Supervisor or his/her deputy. The lifeguard may work in concert with Fairfax County Police, Fire, and/or EMS personnel to facilitate an interagency response to mitigate emergencies or attend to the community wellbeing. Please fill out an initial APPLICATION if you are interested in joining our team. 


$ 13.50 - $17/hour, seasonal


  • Full time (32-40 hrs/wk) 12-16 weeks desired
  • Part time (16-30 hrs/wk) 12-16 weeks desired
  • Weekends Only (12-16 hrs) primarily late June through early August. Other times at the discretion of the water safety supervisor.
  • Substitute (8-30 hrs/pay) As need basis. Must satisfy inservice requirements

Please click here to view the Open Water Lifeguard JOB DESCRIPTION.  

**We are also currently hiring Duty Managers and Aquatic Instructors with the proper training. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the application above.



The Lake Barcroft Association is looking to hire a part-time assistant groundskeeper to aid in landscape work on the common properties and in the neighborhood.  This job will be approximately 18 - 20 hours per week and will include general landscaping duties including mulching, grass cutting, trimming, leaf removal, planting, minor maintenance and repairs.  

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assists the full-time Groundskeeper with daily tasks
  • Mows lawns, trims, weeds and leaf removal
  • Distributes mulch and wood chips to paths in the community
  • Routinely inspects LBA common areas
  • Picks up and removes trash in common areas as needed
  • Trims bushes, shrubs and hedges
  • Prepares soil and plants flowers, bushes, hedges or shrubs as needed
  • Plants trees and prunes them when necessary
  • Performs routine maintenance on power equipment
  • Facilitates positive interactions with neighbors and guests
  • Painting and repairs of common property furniture
  • Exhibits professionalism in the neighborhood
  • Reports concerns or observed hazards to the LBA manager or Maintenance Chair
  • Responsible for repairs and carpentry duties
  • Performs other special projects as assigned


$17 - $20/hour based upon experience.

Please email your availability and resume to for consideration.