Community Safety

Lake Barcroft is a safe community with little or no serious crime. But we do have some property crimes: occasional auto thefts (mostly unlocked), items stolen from (also mostly unlocked) cars, burglaries, frequent trespassing and some vandalism.

In 2022, we hired our first security person on a part-time basis.  He patrolled primarily at night, reminding anyone on the beaches that only residents and guests are allowed one our common properties. His presence was effective in discouraging trespassing and we will continue to have someone in this position.

We are in regular contact with the Fairfax County police and, at times, request a focus by their regular patrols on an area where there have been problems: night parties on beaches, people hanging out in cars, unleashed dogs, etc.  While the police patrol Lake Barcroft – as they do other neighborhoods – we also request and pay for some off-duty police patrols, especially in the summer months.

You can keep your home and belongings safer by locking your car, not leaving anything of value in the car and locking the doors of your house.  The police offer a free security review of your house (contact the Mason District station at 703-256-8035).

But the police cannot cover our community 24/7/365.  We all can be the eyes and ears for the neighborhood. Here are some ways you can help.

Join Neighborhood Watch (NW), a national organization that uses community volunteers to keep an eye on their community and report anything this is suspicious or just not normal.  Lake Barcroft has an active group in Section 2 (roughly mid-Lakeview Dr. area).  We are always looking to for volunteers to expand NW into other parts of our community. The police offer a required training for Neighborhood Watch on a regular basis at the Mason District station – even if you do not plan on joining, the training provides some useful tips on what to do when you see something thats suspicious.  If you are interested in starting a group in your area, contact the Mason District police station. at 703-256-8035 or FCPDMasonCPO@fairfaxcounty.go

If you are not in an organized group, you can still keep an eye out as you drive or walk around the neighborhood or even from a window of your house.  If you see something that does not look right, call the police non-emergency number 703-691-2131 or report it to the police online system  Of course, if its serious and urgent call 911.  Do not approach, follow or engage with someone who seems suspicious. Thats the job of the police.


Chris Doerflinger is the Community Safety chair of the Lake Barcroft Association board.  He can be reached at