The Lake Barcroft Board and Committees:

The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) is a homeowner's association and the governing body for the Lake Barcroft community. The LBA Board of Directors consists of 13 directors, elected by the membership of LBA for two-year terms, with a three term limit. 

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month now in person at the UUCA Church in Arlington, Virginia. All regular Board meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are open to community members.

Director, (term/term expires), Assignments:

Larry Hoffer (2nd term, 2nd year), President
Bill Baumgartner (1st term, 2nd year), Vice President & Water Safety Co-Chair
Kevin Kampschroer (2nd term, 1st year), Treasurer
Greg Gragg (1st term, 1st year), Secretary and Membership Chair

Ed Davis (2nd term, 2nd Year) Communications Co-Chair
Greg Cox (1st term, 1st year), Communications Co-Chair
Tina Swallow (1st term, 1st year), Water Safety Co-Chair
Chris Doerflinger (1st term, 1st year), Security Chair
Carole Bausell (1st Term, 2nd Year), Environmental Quality Chair & WID Liaison
Reid Voss (2nd term, 1st year), Maintenance & Improvements Chair
Ralph Smalley (1st term, 2nd year), Architectural Review Committee
Norah Molnar (1st term, 1st year), Legal chair
Merri Brown (1st term, 2nd year), Special Events Chair

Election statements of Board members:

BILL BAUMGARTNER  - Christina and I moved to Lake Barcroft in the fall of 2018 and were immediately impressed by the extraordinary sense of community. On our second day, a neighbor insisted on bringing us to a neighborhood party and introduced us to dozens of fascinating people. We were quickly welcomed into a whole range of activities ranging from the Newcomers Club to the Women’s Club home tour to Neighborhood Watch to beach cleanups and much more. Before coming to Lake Barcroft, I enjoyed a 33-year career in the U. S. Coast Guard and lived in many places throughout the U.S. Neighborhoods like Lake Barcroft are rare and don’t “just happen.” They are the result of a lot of hard work, commitment, tradition, and a deep sense of shared community. Although not glamorous, responsive, and competent management are also essential elements – especially when you are stewards of a magnificent 135-acre lake. I believe I can make a significant contribution to Lake Barcroft. I have been impressed by the management of our beaches, boating, dam, water quality, and safety, and would be thrilled to contribute my Coast Guard maritime and water safety experience. Much of my work in the Coast Guard involved law enforcement and security. I believe that I can be helpful in strengthening our community’s relationship with our local police force and helping them work on behalf of all the members of our diverse community. With engineering degrees, an MBA and a law degree, I can also assist the LBA Board in a variety of other areas ranging from maintenance to finance and more.

CAROLE BAUSELL - It is with utmost enthusiasm that I offer my candidacy to serve as a member of the Lake Barcroft Board. My mission, if elected, will be to help maintain the precious gifts we enjoy in this unique community and protect them for future generations: a healthy, swimmable lake set within an urban forest that is home to birds and other wildlife; a welcoming social fabric; safe streets; and a quiet, peaceful community.  Arriving in 2011 with husband Larry Golfer, I have experienced life on both sides of the lake, first residing on Stoneybrae Drive and now living on Jay Miller. My volunteerism here has covered both environmental and social activities. For several years I enjoyed overseeing the Lake Barcroft Earth Day Raffle that contributed hundreds of dollars to the LBA for its Tree Replacement Program. I also volunteered for Geese Peace, the Village, the Woman’s Club, the Newcomers Club, and the Art League. I currently volunteer with Barcroft Families for Safe Streets, where my goal is to recommend effective new strategies for traffic safety for our pedestrians, cyclists and drivers throughout the community.  During a rewarding career as an educational psychologist, I advocated for children and adults with special learning needs, working at the local, state, and national levels. I served on a federal roundtable and on the board of a school for the blind and trained executives in using quality improvement techniques and data-based decision-making. I also supported causes such as clean water with environmental groups, recommending policy changes as needed. I am well-versed in working with diverse stakeholders on complicated issues and have been successful in promoting consensus among them through respectful dialogue, creative thinking, and practical solutions. It would be an honor to be given the opportunity to give back to my community by serving on the LBA Board.

MERRI BROWN - I moved to this area from Massachusetts, with my husband, Gil, in 2011. I had just retired from a teaching career spanning early childhood to high school and we were delighted to be close by our daughter and our new little grandchild in Arlington. In 2014, we bought our house on Whispering Lane and immediately felt at home. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed being part of decision making within my community and working with others to create change. In our Massachusetts neighborhood, I served on the boards of our local synagogue and the local Woman’s American ORT chapter. These experiences taught me the importance of working with others to achieve common goals. Valuable lessons learned! After moving here, I wanted to be just as involved in this lovely community. I have taken on leadership positions in the Newcomers, Barcrofters and the Woman’s Club, serving as recording secretary of the Woman’s Club, co-president and then, President for three years. With co- president, Marcia Graboswki, we reallocated Club funds for two benches in the Woman’s Club Garden, contributed funds for the wrought iron fence and replanted the area now known as the rock garden. These efforts were done in collaboration with WID and LBA which provided me valuable insights about the collaboration among the various organizations. The pandemic presented new challenges. We expanded the club’s activities and moved immediately to zoom. Working with co-president, Charlotte Flounders, we opened the classes to all women of the community to bring us together while staying apart. Currently I chair the member events committee. Being a part of a leadership team has always been important to me. As an LBA board member, I can continue to give back to this community that so warmly welcomed us.  

GREG COX - My wife and I moved to Beachway Drive from Falls Church City in 2017, although we established Barcroft roots eight years earlier from frequent visits with our daughter’s family who then lived here. I retired in 2022 after a long career as a defense analyst and research director with the Center for Naval Analyses and Institute for Defense Analyses, and on the adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University teaching a graduate course in Quantitative (Econometric) Methods.  Serving on the LBA Board represents a voluntary civic activity that appeals to me and something for which I have a personal history: as a Scoutmaster in Falls Church (troop size grew from 12 to 75 under my leadership); as the Executive Director of a non-profit day labor center in Falls Church that sought to mutually help three distinct groups (day laborers who want to work, local business owners who dislike workers loitering while seeking work, and local residents who sometimes want to hire a day worker but without pressure or intimidation); and as a tutor for adult education at Homestretch (a non-profit organization in Falls Church where I helped a single mother obtain a professional certification). Since moving to Lake Barcroft, my primary volunteer activities have been at Beach 4: organizing the annual Spring cleanups, including repairing and painting lifeguard stands and picnic tables, and the summer inventories of unregistered boats on the racks.  My core strengths include good organizational skills and unbiased analyses of alternatives where I look for validity in opposing sides of an issue and try to understand the range of alternatives and tradeoffs. These are useful capabilities that should be of value to the LBA Board, and I hope to continue my voluntary civic activities through service in this great and unique community.

ED DAVISMy wife Sara and I have lived in Lake Barcroft for 29 years. We previously lived in DC and learned about this community because Sara’s sister Kathy Utgoff and her husband Vic live here. Our two boys grew up here, both went to local schools including Justice High.  I worked for the US House of Representatives for twelve years and then for many years for a nonprofit advocacy group, Common Cause.  In between those jobs, I went back to school and received a masters degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  For the last few years, I’ve been writing the Milestones section of the Lake Barcroft newsletter, chronicling events in the lives of the people in our community.  I spent many years coaching and on the board of the Mason District Little League, my last four years as president.  I was treasurer of the Justice Choral Boosters for three years. In recent years, Sara and I have been delivering food for the ACCA food bank.  Our neighborhood has a beautiful lake and a vibrant, full-of-life suburban forest. But we also live in an area that has become more urbanized, bringing with it environmental stresses and "urban" problems (such as car break-ins, which I am all-to-familiar with living in DC in the 70s and 80s - love the city anyway).  As a board member, I hope I can work with others to maintain our unique setting while being good neighbors to the community around us.  Wherever I have traveled, it is always a joy to be back in the Lake.  I hope that serving on the board will allow me to play a small role in keeping the community a place we all want to get back to everyday.

CHRIS DOERFLINGER - Hello Lake Barcroft neighbors. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors as a dedicated member of this community, who respects its traditions and ethos. Alongside my partner Shy, we belong to a family deeply rooted in Lake Barcroft since 1953, spanning four generations of cherished residents who first settled on Farm Hill Drive when the road was still made of dirt. Our home on Wentworth Drive is not merely a dwelling, but a place where we can continue to build on the sturdy foundation started by our family members years before us. Our hearts are tethered to the welfare of this neighborhood. For the past decade, I have worked in the software industry supporting our federal law enforcement agencies, most recently Homeland Security. Direct involvement and support of my community has always been a significant part of my life. Since college, I have held various public service roles, including volunteer firefighting, and supporting children with special needs. These experiences have underscored to me the importance of collective effort and community spirit in fostering a thriving and inclusive environment. In our leisure moments, you will likely see Shy and me paddleboarding on the lake, running through the neighborhood, fishing, or working in our yard—often with our two canine companions, Grey, and Carter, in tow. As a member of the Board of Directors, I will remain dedicated to preserving the innate beauty that defines our neighborhood. I will be committed to steering our community towards a future that is defined by progress, inclusivity, and a continued sense of collective pride. Together, let’s nurture and safeguard the essence of Lake Barcroft for generations to come.

GREG GRAGG - I am excited for the opportunity to serve on the Lake Barcroft Association Board of Directors. My wife Suzanne, Membership Chair for the Lake Barcroft Women’s Club, and I have six children ranging in ages from 25 to 16, two of which currently attend Justice High School. In 2018, our house in Falls Church caught fire and while it was being renovated, we discovered the Lake Barcroft community and fell in love with it. We found a beautiful, mid-century modern house on Greentree Drive (you may have seen it on the 2023 House Tour) and decided to put our old house on the market. Since that fateful decision, we have enjoyed the comradery and warmth of our neighbors and the Lake Barcroft groups we participate in. There is a great sense of community here you don’t find in other neighborhoods from block parties, the Women’s Club, the Newcomers Club, Fourth of July, and Halloween Parades to lazy summer days on the lake or relaxing on one of our many beaches. Lake Barcroft is a special place we cherish. This great neighborhood has so much to offer, and we have made great friends here. Lake Barcroft is a wonderous oasis, a hidden gem. My interest in serving on the Lake Barcroft Board is to give back to the community drawing from the experience I have gained professionally and in previous communities. In my professional life, I own an equity group and my business skills encompass financial, operations, legal, contracts, HR, sales, marketing, and management. I served for ten years (two separate stints) on Longview Farm’s HOA board of directors located in Lee’s Summit, MO (364 homes). I served as Secretary for four years and was President for six years. During my tenure as President, we paid off the communities’ debts and established a 10-year plan for the community focused on repairing and managing all assets of the HOA including monuments, structures, a lake, green space, swimming pool, playgrounds, and walking trails.  I currently serve on three non-profit boards and hove served on ten other non-profit boards over the last 30 years as President on three, Secretary on four, Marketing Chair on three, Social Committee Chair on three, and Vice Chair on three.  We feel truly blessed to be part of this neighborhood and I would be honored to serve our community as a Board Member.

LARRY HOFFER  - From the moment my husband Wayne and I moved to Lake Barcroft seven years ago, we were captivated not only by the natural beauty that surrounded us but also the amazing spirit of this community. I became involved in small ways until four years ago, when I became the editor of the Lake Barcroft Newsletter. We’ve really made great strides in strengthening the content and capturing all the different activities and personalities that make our neighborhood tick. I’ve served on the LBA Board for two years, co-chairing the Communications Committee and now serving as Vice President. As the executive director of the American Institute of Architecture Students, and someone who has worked in the association management field for nearly my entire career, I work with boards every day, so I’m familiar with the characteristics that make a strong board of directors. I have brought that knowledge to my service on the LBA Board and hope to have the opportunity to continue strengthening its effectiveness, and its communication with residents if I am fortunate enough to be re-elected. We are truly fortunate to live in a community like Lake Barcroft, and it is vitally important we work to protect both the residents as well as the Lake and the ecosystem around us. How we accomplish both of those things is a delicate balance, but it is truly crucial for us to keep flourishing as a community. I would be honored and humbled to serve each of you if I am re-elected and will work to enhance the incredible spirit of Lake Barcroft.

KEVIN KAMPSCHROER - Hello Lake Barcroft Residents, I am Kevin Kampschroer, and I am running for election to the Board of the Lake Barcroft Association.  I have lived in Lake Barcroft for just over 30 years, raised one child, married, renovated (two phases), and love living here.  I was on the Board before and would like to continue to serve.  While I was on the Board, I was the chair of the Safety Committee, then the Chair of the Architectural Review Committee (and still a member), the Treasurer and most recently, I have been co-chair the Water Safety Committee.  Perhaps the most important, or at least the most fun, activity I have managed is the annual fireworks display.  Regardless of my election, I will continue to do that.  I think my background will be helpful in dealing with the issues with insurance, reserve account management, capital projects, and maintenance.  I work for the U.S. General Services Administration as their Chief Sustainability Officer; I have worked there for 49+ years.   ng Services. Prior to his Federal service, Mr. Simonson was the Chief Legislative Analyst for the Miami-Dade County Commission; Director of Programs Operations for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association; and Legislative Assistant in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. In July 1993, Mr. Simonson was selected for a fellowship with the Legislative Staff Management Institute at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. Mr. Simonson was also a student intern in the Irish Parliament. Mr. Simonson holds M.A. and B.S. degrees in political science from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

NORAH MOLNAR -  My husband Yancy and I moved to Lake Barcroft in May 2023, but we are not exactly new to the neighborhood. My husband grew up in Lake Barcroft (he went to Sleepy Hollow, Glasgow, and JEB Stuart-now Justice), and we raised our kids in nearby Sleepy Hollow until 2013. We have many life-long friends who live right here in Lake Barcroft, so this is our forever home. I am interested in serving on the Board because my background is as an attorney focusing on federal, state, and local government contracting, and my passion is to be involved in my own community in a meaningful way. When we were in McLean over the past 10 years, I was an active member of the McLean High School Athletic Boosters for five years, serving on the board in several capacities. I also advocated for the school on important issues before the FCPS School Board. In addition, I serve on the board of the endowment of a golf club in western Pennsylvania (which has access to a lake and dam not unlike Lake Barcroft). After we moved here, my antennae went up as I saw news of the modifications that need to be made to the Lake Barcroft dam, and so I have been attending the WID informational meetings. The Board has a legal committee, as well as a WID Liaison committee. Those would be the main reasons I am running. However, I would also be downright gleeful to serve on the geese & beaver patrols, do an invasive vine pull or beach clean-up, or help out with Improvements, Beach/Water Safety, Membership, or anywhere my time can make a difference. Whatever the subject matter, I would study hard and work hard to assist this association in any way I can.

RALPH SMALLEYMy family and I have lived in Lake Barcroft for 33 years where we raised two children. Over the years and at different times, Diane, my wife, and I have each served on the Board. I also initiated the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund (for graduating seniors at Justice High School) in 1994 after Justice Marshall, our neighbor, had died. By profession, I hold master’s degrees in public administration and in Urban Planning. With a scholarship and a fellowship, I earned a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and worked as a planning director. Then we came to Washington D.C. where I consulted with the Congress’s Office of Technology Assessment. Later, I became entrepreneurial and, among other endeavors, designed and developed marinas. With this background, land use planning, public policy and specifically environmental waterfront impacts are familiar to me. Now retired, again serving on the Board would be an opportunity to “give back” to this great community we call home. Based on past experience, the Board mostly does routine management, which it does well, but because community needs change over time, the Board also could be more proactive in assessing our interests and needs, and then, in promoting groups and programs that meet these needs. The creation of the Lake Barcroft Village is an example of such a program, but it emerged only with the private leadership of a few individuals. Again, the building of a new playground is another example of something that was new, but again, it was a private initiative. In my opinion, it would be worthwhile for the Board itself to show leadership for being more innovative. This doesn’t mean spending more money; it does means being deliberative and spending effort. If I were a Board member, this is predominantly what I would want to work on.

TINA SWALLOW -  Tina Swallow, an experienced leader, businesswoman, multi nonprofit board member, and mother of three young adults, moved to Lake Barcroft in 2019.  Tina served as a Naval Officer living around the world including assignments in Iceland, Italy, Bahrain, and Japan.  Tina commanded several computer and telecommunications facilities in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans as a Commander; as well as the detachment responsible for NATO, Joint, and Atlantic Fleet operations as a Lieutenant Commander.  Earlier, Tina served as a sheriff, protocol officer, ran an airfield, and pioneered bringing email to the fleet. Tina met and married her husband, Captain Chandler Swallow when they were earning their graduate degrees.  Tina transitioned from the Navy to the private sector, leading sales teams at Cisco Systems, McAfee, and now Trellix.  Simultaneously, Tina served on boards including United Through Reading (currently as Vice Chair), the Navy League as National VP of Corporate Affairs, and Cure Search for Childhood Cancer.  Tina and Chandler helped their oldest son fight through stage IV Ewing’s Sarcoma including two major surgeries, 23 rounds of chemo, and 6 weeks of radiation.  After years walking Lake Barcroft looking for the right house at the right time, a house became available, and Tina closed the deal.  You can find Tina and Chandler on their pontoon as well as sailing, paddle boarding, swimming, and walking the lake year-round.  After living all around the world, Tina and Chandler have found their forever home.  Tina seeks to add her talent to keeping Lake Barcroft amazing.

REID VOSSI was born in rural Nebraska but moved to the Bailey’s Crossroads area as a toddler. Lake Barcroft was common stomping ground with Barcroft friends, and I decided long ago that I wanted to live here when I grew up. (Some long-time residents might remember SR&R, the lawn service that two of my teenage friends and I created, working for many lake customers.) After graduating from college I managed the Old Town Theismann’s Restaurant, and transitioned to real estate 13 years ago, buying, selling, and renovating houses along the way. My father owns a construction business, so it was a logical career, having shadowed him for years.  Two years ago my wife, Meredith, and I were lucky enough to find a permanent home on Waterway with a flat yard for our boys, Luke (8) and Chase (6). Luke fishes every chance he gets! Meredith and I joined the Newcomers Club, and we all love it here. Community service is important to me. I served on the Fairfax County School Board (student rep), Kings Park Civic Association and Pool Boards, coached Mason District Little League and the Stuart (now Justice) High School Crew team, including spring training on the lake. I would be honored to serve on the Board and, if elected, will strive to keep the lake clean and healthy, building on what others have done to make Lake Barcroft the great community it has always been. We want our boys to grow up and live here, too!