Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive

This Task Force is a short-term entity of Mason District tasked with reviewing the “devices” available from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for traffic calming and providing information to the community on which if any are possible to implement. The Lake Barcroft Association takes no position regarding the Task Force.

 Members of this Task Force are:
     Kevin Kampschroer (chair)
     Donna James
     Kimberly Wilkins
     Samuel Rothman
     Steve Veroneau
     Stuart Feldstein (non-voting, LBA Board liaison)

Renderings of traffic circles (click to enlarge in a new window) 

  Engineering Report from Mason District & VDOT

Task Force Minutes (opens in a new window) 

  September 1, 2008 meeting
  September 4, 2008 meeting
  September 30, 2008 meeting
  November 17, 2008 meeting
  February 6, 2009 meeting
  June 29, 2009 meeting
  September 15, 2009 meeting
  November 15, 2009 meeting
  January 7, 2010 meeting

  June 25, 2009 Walk Notes