Washington Gas letter regarding line replacement

Washington Gas
System Replacement
Operations, Engineering, Construction and Safety
6801 Industrial RoadSpringfield, Virginia 22151

December 21, 2012 

Dear Customer: 

This letter is to inform you that Washington Gas continues construction to replace natural gas main and service lines in your neighborhood. Replacing existing gas lines with new pipe is routinely performed throughout our natural gas distribution system in order to enhance the safety and reliability of our gas service. A key aspect of the project in Lake Barcroft entails replacing older steel gas service piping with new polyethylene (plastic) gas service piping. Where feasible we will be inserting the new plastic gas pipe through the old steel service pipes to minimize the construction disruption and impact on existing yards, driveways and trees. The use of the smaller diameter plastic pipe that is inserted through the old steel service will not adversely impact your ability to use natural gas service. If you would like to add natural gas appliances to your home in the future, please contact Washington Gas at 703-941-HEAT. Your service line will be evaluated with the new load and upsized, if needed, at that time. Washington Gas’ current tariffs might require a customer charge only if your original service line and meter, without the plastic pipe inserted, would have been inadequate to handle the additional natural gas load caused by the new appliance(s). 

We are working to complete the work as quickly as possible. However, construction schedules are affected by weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Construction on or in front of individual properties will vary from a few days to longer periods, depending on conditions. Please be advised, there is no charge to you for the work that is being performed. At some point during the replacement work, your gas service will need to be turned off for several hours while the construction crew replaces the gas line to your home. Our contractor, NPL Construction Company, will answer any questions you may have and will work with you to set up a date to replace your service line. It may be necessary for you to be home to perform this work, particularly if our meter set is inside. If we do need access to your home, the on-site NPL Supervisor will make this determination and contact you in advance to coordinate the work. If your gas meter is located outside and the replacement of your gas service line does not require you to be at home, at some point, we will need access to your home to turn your gas back on and relight your appliance(s). Again, there is no fee for any of this work. If you are not at home when the NPL construction crew has completed their work, a card will be left at your residence with contact information for you to call to have the gas turned on and your appliances relit. 

Washington Gas is making every effort to minimize the disturbance in your neighborhood during this work. When applicable, we will use an innovative excavation technique called keyhole technology where we make a small keyhole − an 18 to 24-inch round opening in the street − as opposed to the traditional larger square excavation with jack hammers and excavators. One advantage of this technology is that we can permanently repair the street excavations associated with the service replacement on the same day, therefore minimizing additional traffic disruptions and road closures. Please be advised that some of the equipment used in this process creates noise for brief periods of time. However, we are performing work only during permitted hours. In some instances, we will make temporary repairs to the sidewalk and lawn areas disturbed during construction which will be scheduled for permanent restoration shortly thereafter. In all instances where we performed excavation, Washington Gas will work to restore the area to as closely to as-found condition as is possible. 

If you have questions or need additional information regarding our activities, you may reach members of the project team listed below Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Jeff Walker 
Washington Gas, Supervisor Construction
703-750-5197 (Office)  703-408-6461 (Mobile)

Anthony Negri 
Washington Gas, Supervisor Construction
703-750-5504 (Office)  703-279-7673 (Mobile) 

Jason Waymire 
Superintendent , NPL Construction Company 
571-220-2996 (Mobile)  

We thank you for your patience during the project and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Les Lanier, Manager − Construction Operations, Engineering, Construction and Safety