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2020 Beach Information - You Must be Logged Into the Website to View

Lake Barcroft beaches are PRIVATE.

Pursuant to its authority, the LBA Board of Directors has adopted temporary rules in response to the health threat posed by COVID-19. These rules largely reflect the executive orders issued by the Governor of Virginia. The temporary rules supersede any conflicting provisions of the permanent rules, which remain in effect. The Board continues to monitor the situation and will repeal the temporary rules when it is safe to do so.

See here for all but two biographies of the candidates for the 2020 LBA Board. Please note to check January Newsletter for ALL Bios.

The mailing you received with the 2020 LBA Board Candidates was incorrect.  That mailing inadvertantly did not include the biography of one candidateHere are the majority of biographies for the candidates for the LBA Board for 2020.  It includes the biography of the candidate that was left out of the mailing.  Please check the LBA Newsletter for two additional biographies of candidates who asked that their nam

Update from the LBA President on Playground Installation Progress (Includes Changes to Plan)

From Janet Kerley, President, Lake Barcroft Board of Directors 

Please see Master Plan here.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the LBA board faced the fact that the challenges created by water runoff and erosion on Beach 3 are so substantial that the mitigation required to overcome them makes the original site selected for the playground unworkable. 


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