A series of profiles on some of the extraordinary people at the Lake and those who have made Lake Barcroft an extraordinary place to live. If you know someone who should be profiled, please contact Paula Rothenberg.


Otto Kroeger


HOME STORY: First moved to the Lake in 1985 to Dockser Terrace. Bought a house on Lakeview Drive in 1988, then bought "The Ark" on Cavalier Corridor in 1995. During the three years it took to renovate the Ark, lived in a rental house on Lakeview. Moved to current house on Lakeview in 2002. As a result, has been a member of Newcomers Club 2.5 times.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Was a member of After Burners until "it fizzled." An active member of the Lake Barcroft Hard Core Attitude Adjustment Group, which meets every other Friday night, and hasn't missed a "meeting" in 14 years. (There are currently 29 couples as members of this group. Jim Sebolka coordinates.) Also a member of the Scotch and Donut Society, an all-male "bonding" group, which now only meets occasionally on Saturday mornings. This group was also know as the "Macho Vikings" because it used to meet on a barge year 'round, rain, snow or ice.

OUTSIDE BARCROFT: A trustee of Hartwick College, President of the Association of Psychological Type, and 22 years in the Lutheran Ministry.

PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: OKA (Otto Kroeger Associates) is the world's largest qualifier for Myers-Briggs licensed practitioners. Otto originally ran his practice, which he founded in 1977, out of his Lake Barcroft home, until he partnered both professionally and personally with Janet Thuesen, who substantially grew the business, now headquartered in Fairfax City. Otto has written four books on understanding personality differences and numerous articles, and has conducted training sessions internationally.

PASSION: Research. Just finished a five-year study on the predictability of first-week freshman college students' "stick-to-itiveness." Has also conducted research on the predictability of heart attacks and colon cancer, based on personality type.

MOST DRAMATIC LAKE MEMORY: "The most memorable weekend of my life was when I turned 60. My wife at the time threw a 60-hour long party with 524 of my closest friends (that is how many actually signed in, although there were many more in attendance throughout the weekend). Our church, Peace Lutheran, suspended services that Sunday morning and instead held the service at our home as part of the celebration."

ADVICE: "I never give advice, but ... move to Lake Barcroft."

WHAT LAKE BARCROFT MEANS TO YOU? "Lake Barcroft means therapy ... turn off the highway into a hydro magnetic oasis that is supportive, engaging, intellectually stimulating and incredibly loving."


-- Paula Rothenberg, Barcroft News Staff