November 10, 2010

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Betsy Washington, Pat Payne, Rick Clayton, Mark Cavich, Eva Kosztarab, Kim Smith, and Jim Kilbourne.

The minutes of October 13, 2010 were approved as presented.

CALENDAR REVIEW: The Board reviewed the calendar. Warren Russell noted that annual dues statements should be mailed in late December this year.


WEBSITE PROGRESS REPORT: Mark is working on determining each user’s rights, most homeowners will have “read only” access. The contractors list would have write in capability. Kim requested the Board be given access to a BETA version for a one-month testing period before it is presented to the community.

ACTION ITEM: Mark to distribute website BETA version to the Board for testing.

CIVIC AFFAIRS: The draft minutes were discussed. Eva will send the final version to Chris. Brief discussion took place regarding content of the meeting.

PROPOSAL FOR MEMBERSHIP FEES & LATE FEE DUE DATE: Stuart discussed a draft proposal to establish rules regarding payment. Discussion took place. Cindy suggested $40 as a late fee. Stuart suggested keeping the late fee at $20 for 2011 but increasing it to $40 in 2012. Stuart proposed the late fee date be changed to February 15.  Cindy added that the increase and new late fee date should be noted in the cover letter.

A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Sally for adoption of these procedures with revisions, to change the late fee date to February 15 and to increase the late fee to $40 beginning in 2011. Mark, Rick and Stuart opposed the motion. The motion carried.

The 2011 bills will go out after Christmas with insertions.

ACTION ITEM: Stuart to finalize resolution regarding payment procedures.

2011 BUDGET PREPARATION: Steve discussed the proposed budget figures for 2011. The contribution category was reduced to $2,500, from $10,000. $3,000 was agreed upon for past due fees collections, down from $10,000. Lengthy discussion regarding various categories took place.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Cindy reported the names of the candidates that have agreed to run for the Board. They are: Regina Derzon, Alice Rowan, Dave Avendasora, and Tacie Yoon. The five incumbents running again need to update their bios and get them into the newsletter by mid-December.

ACTION ITEM: Cindy, Warren, Eva, Joel and Sally to update their bios and send into the LBA newsletter.

MASON DISTRICT MEETING: Warren distributed the minutes from the Mason District Council meeting.


DOGS ON BEACHES: Sally reported that we have authorized Fairfax County policeman to ticket unleashed dog violators. A letter will be sent to the Fairfax County police authorizing the enforcement of the leash law on LBA property.

ACTION ITEM: Sally to send letter to the Fairfax County police authorizing the enforcement of the leash law on LBA property

LBA MEETING WITH FAIRFAX COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISOR ON RPA: Warren gave an update on a meeting that took place today with Supervisor Penny Gross, Betsy Washington, WID trustee Chuck de Seve and county representatives. Betsy Washington and Chuck de Seve gave a wonderful briefing to the county representatives about our stewardship of the lake and resource protection areas. The following discussion and tour of the lake focused on three points. First, that we be allowed to take care of LBA common properties and that residents be able to reasonably maintain existing gardens, second, that we educate Lake Barcroft homeowners about the importance of protecting RPA areas, and third, asking the county to try to take care of upstream runoff and trash. It was pointed out that the association would like to partner with the county in trying to educate the community and mediate complaints, which in turn would make the county’s process easier.

ARC ISSUE: Jim updated the Board on the recent situation between the Tawneys and Joel Gregorio and Joe Pelican. Joel was excused from the room for this discussion. Jim informed the Board about the recent rope fence that the Tawneys installed. They were sent a letter to remove this and they only removed the rope and not the stakes. He has drafted a letter for Warren to sign as President to state that they are in violation of our fence rules and asked the Board’s approval to send the letter.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Stuart to send a letter to the Tawneys requiring that the stakes be removed. Kim asked for clarification as to how 1 foot high stakes and string constitutes a fence. Cindy stated that there were two prior incidents that set precedent, including one case in which a resident had installed a 1 foot high fence built with 2x4 posts and rail. All in favor, except for Joel who was not present.


PUBLICATIONS: Mark informed the Board that Daphne Butas would be stepping down as newsletter editor in February and that he was in the process of trying to find her replacement.

MISCELLANEOUS: Warren was asked to talk to a group regarding the Bailey’s 2011 project.

MEMBERSHIP: Rick reported that 2 transfers were received in the month of October.

ARC: Jim stated that he had sent a letter to a house to stop work until plans were submitted. The requested plans have been submitted and are now being reviewed by the committee.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Kim discussed a posting that will take place by a resident on Lake Link regarding a resident’s daughter who has recently been arrested for theft while working as a nanny in the neighborhood. The security category funds were discussed. The expenditures exceeded the amount budgeted for 2010 and there was discussion as to whether more should be budgeted for 2011 due to an increased need for patrols.

LEGAL: Stuart updated the Board on a specific past dues situation. One resident has threatened to sue the LBA Board. Our outside counsel has advised that if we are sued, it will be covered and defended by our insurance company. A lien against any homeowner with delinquent dues could be filed for approximately $90.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy reported that 35 trees have been planted. Tripps Run clean up will take place Saturday, Nov. 13.

IMPROVEMENTS: Joel is working on Aqua Terrace and is in the design phase. He is also working on the Beach 3 plantings with the WID. Rich Hardy will work on repairing boat racks. Kim mentioned the issue of some stairs and railings on Lakeview in need of repair. Joel said the parking lots are being re-striped. He will winterize some of the common area trash cans and store them at the WID over the winter.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Pat gave a brief report. Pat will work with Cindy on duties of this committee.

WATER SAFETY: Sally discussed storage for the lifeguard boats. A new location needs to be found close to Beach 4.

Cindy stated November 13 is the JEB Stuart yard sale.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:27 PM. The next meeting will be December 8, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Eva Kosztarab, LBA Secretary