October 13, 2010 
The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Betsy Washington, Pat Payne, Eva Kosztarab and Jim Kilbourne.  Rick Clayton, Mark Cavich and Kim Smith were not present.   

The minutes of September 7, 2010 were approved.   


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The Board reviewed the calendar. 

ACTION ITEMS:  Cindy is working on standard operating procedures for Board responsibilities.  Other items were reviewed. 

Warren reported demo website is up and new directories have been printed.

CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING:  The agenda was discussed.  Warren will discuss water safety, the 2011 budget, security, maintenance expenses, ARC guidelines, publications, special events including the new “backyard camp out” and Earth Day.  He asked Board members to e-mail bullet items to him for his President’s report. 

:  Eva stated that Stuart is working on a resolution regarding dues payments.  Payments are first credited to past due fees, then late fees and then current dues.  She asked to postpone discussion and vote until next month.  Under the new proposal, dues will be late after February 15 each year. 

ACTION ITEM: Stuart to draft resolution regarding dues payments and distribute to Board members before the November meeting.

BEACH PARTY USE PRICING:  Sally went over the proposed plans.  Stuart suggested a check list be included with the contract. 

Sally to finalize beach party and pricing rules.

TRAFFIC CALMING:  Stuart reported that the traffic calming committee met last week and all members of the committee were present.  The two traffic islands originally proposed are no longer under consideration. On Waterway near the Potterton Bridge, a painted crosswalk is proposed. A “Children at Play” sign is being considered near
Beach 5. At the divided section of Waterway Drive, they might paint the pavement to make the lanes appear narrower. All these ideas are under consideration. The Task Force will make a presentation on the status to the community in the near future.   

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Cindy reported that the committee was working on recruiting candidates.  Presently if all incumbents run again and win, only one additional slot will need to be filled.  There must be three more candidates on the ballot than slots to be filled. Thus, a total of four nominees must be secured. 


ARC PROCESSES:  Jim updated the Board on current committee members and status of recent submissions.  He would like to add some additional members to the committee.  He stated that the guidelines and form were on the website.  The process takes approximately 30 days.  Jim mentioned several lots that had construction taking place that had not submitted plans.  Stuart discussed fining the lot owners.  Sally suggested also publishing in the LBA newsletter that we can take them to court and they could have to pay legal fees in addition.  Cindy suggested having an article from Jim in the newsletter reminding owners of the requirements on a different color of paper. Eva mentioned that “no violations noted” architectural review letters are required by Reston and Burke Centre homeowner’s associations prior to a settlement.
ACTION ITEM: Jim to draft article for newsletter regarding ARC procedures.

ARC DISMISSAL OF SPURIOUS CLAIMS:  Sally discussed recent situations where residents were using the ARC for harassment purposes and that this should not be permitted.  Sally will work with Jim on a letter.  Stuart suggested a no merit form letter. 
ACTION ITEM: Jim and Sally to draft ARC letter.

2011 BUDGET PREPARATION:  Steve presented a proposed budget for the Board to review and discuss.  He asked Board members to look at any pending expenses that they might have for 2010 and to let him know.  The pond expenses will be moved into Capitol Improvements.  Various categories were discussed.  Warren asked committee chairs to be realistic with their figures. 
ACTION ITEM: Steve to update draft budget based on Board’s discussion.


LEGAL:  Stuart updated the Board on Burry matter. 

Pat stated that it was a great summer and she is looking forward to future events. 

  Betsy reported that 35 trees were being donated to residents and were in the process of being planted. The invasive management plan has been approved by the county after a six week long effort on Betsy’s part.  George Waters and Betsy are trying to persuade the County to be reasonable in their interpretation and enforcement of the RPA regulations as they pertain to Lake Barcroft, and the rest of the County. Betsy is teaming up with Friends of Tripps Run in efforts to clean up this area on November 13. 

Joel reviewed the list of the 17 items he is currently working on.  They are: 1) Continuing Lake Barcroft Grounds Maintenance (on-going), 2) Community Grounds Tree Replacement Program (Qty 16) (completed), 3) Community Garden Pond (on hold due to RPA issues), 4) Community Garden Grounds (being maintained/project on hold due to RPA issues), 5) B5 Electrical Repair (contract awarded), 6) Invasive Plant Management Plan Approved (Betsy Washington) (completed), 7) Quaint Acres Circle Guardrail Repair (completed), 8) Aqua Terrace Facelift (in process), 9) Waterway Median Project (completed), 10) B5 Frontage Snow Call (on going), 11) B5 Dead Tree Cutting (completed), 12) B5 Frontage Fence Repair (completed), 13) B2 Fence Repair (completed), 14) B1 Asphalt Repair (completed), 15) B1,2,3,4,5 Trash Can Replacements (completed), 16) B1,2,3,4,5 Recycle Cans (completed), 17) Off-season Trash Pickup (completed/assigned). 

WATER SAFETY:  Sally stated that she had received Kevin’s final report for the season.  She informed the Board that she would contact Kevin regarding bonuses for the guards. Sally would like to give Kevin a $5,000 bonus again. 

ARC:  Jim reported that 9 plans have been reviewed and completed at the late September meeting and that 4 more are being considered at the October meeting.  Others are in discussion. One certified letter has been sent to a resident regarding a seawall issue and another resident was called by Jim requesting that he submit an application.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 PM.