September 11, 2010
The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Kim Smith, Mark Cavich, Eva Kosztarab and Jim Kilbourne.  Stuart Feldstein and Pat Payne were not present.  Lake resident George Erikson was also present. 

The minutes of August 11, 2010 were approved as corrected.   
Delegate Kaye Kory will attend a future Board meeting in the next few months to address any issues that the Board might have.  Warren asked Board members to email him with items they would like to discuss with her.
The calendar was reviewed. 
Action items were discussed. 

DIRECTORY UPDATE:  Mark reported the directory is almost finalized and will be sent to the printer. 
WEBSITE UPDATE:  Mark stated phase 1 is underway on the new website.  Goal is to have phase 1 finalized in 2010 using funds from sale of the directory ads.  The new website will allow electronic payment of dues. Mark will provide an online development site and time line of work phases to Board members. The new website will have security like Verisign. Kim asked about ongoing maintenance which Mark said he will be providing. Mark asked the Board for funding for the second portion of the website development.   
A motion was made by Sally to appropriate the phase 2 funding and approve the expenditure of $3,500.  Seconded by Joel.  All in favor. 
ACTION ITEM: Mark to provide development site of website and time line of work phases to Board members.
FUTURE’S COMMITTEE STATUS REPORT:  Cindy stated that she would like to see present and future Boards not reinvent projects and discussed a previous Futures Committee report that was issued back in 2009 and is on the website.  She suggested that the Board continue to review and update that report as necessary.  Cindy agreed to accept the updates while on the Board and stated that it would make sense for the Vice President to be responsible in the future for this assignment. 
ACTION ITEM: Cindy to update Futures Committee report on website.
QUIT CLAIM DEED UPDATE:  Eva updated the Board on the property on Crosswoods Circle.  A large title insurer was prepared to insure the property up to the waterline and did not feel that a quit claim deed was needed.  She will continue to track this with subsequent waterfront lot sales to see if only one title company has an issue with insuring to the waterline.

CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING:  Cindy discussed the content of the Civic Affairs meeting and its purpose.  Kim suggested that resident issues be discussed prior to the political candidates’ speeches, if possible.  It was agreed that proposed times for each item should be placed on the agenda that is mailed to the membership.  Joel suggested a write up for the next newsletter explaining the purpose of the meeting.  The mailing will include the RPA rules write up from Betsy.  Chris will prepare an agenda and forward it to Warren and Cindy.  Warren asked Board members to forward their information and comments to him for his President’s report. 
ACTION ITEM: Chris to prepare draft agenda and forward to Warren and Cindy.
TIMING OF PAST DUE FEES:  Eva reported that in the LBA form collection letter we have to provide due process rights to delinquent homeowners which includes the right to a hearing before the Board.  In the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, fees have to be overdue by 60 days before the notice giving the right to a hearing is sent out.  Under our present dues collection timing we are behind the curb since our dues are not past due until March 31.  The Board needs to reexamine the timing of when we decide dues are “past due.”  She suggested February 15 so that by April 16 letters could then go out by certified mail allowing homeowners who desire a hearing to come to the May board meeting.  All of this would occur before we mail out beach tags. This will be discussed further next month and then the billing form will be changed. 

LEGAL:  Eva reported that a penalty needs to be imposed on a resident who has not responded to the recent request for past due fees and was offered a hearing which was waived due to non-response.   
Eva made a motion to withdraw membership privileges for William Burry.  Seconded by Sally.  All voted in favor. 
ARC:  Jim stated that the committee reviewed 9 submissions last month of which 7 were approved. The ARC was in discussions with the other 2 applications. Four new applications have been received.  A homeowner’s non-compliance letter went out to an owner as well as their contractor last month.  Betsy suggested an item in the next newsletter regarding the ARC and procedures. 
ACTION ITEM: Jim to write newsletter article on ARC rules.
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy addressed the RPA process and she reported that she has submitted an Invasive Management and Remediation Plan to the DPWES requesting an annual exemption for maintenance and care of our common properties. This will hopefully be approved and allow Delfino and volunteers to continue caring for our gardens without the threat of being cited for violations and potential fines.
2010 tree replacement will begin shortly and will have approximately 32 trees that Delfino can plant.
Betsy has drafted a dog poop scooping reminder article which will be in the next NL. 
Betsy has been helping the WID with two projects.
Landscape Plan for Beach 3 docking area:
Betsy has completed a landscape plan for WID and has worked with Davis Grant and George McLennan for their required RPA remediation of the Beach 3 Barge/Dredge Docking area. This also includes plans to plant several overstory and understory trees in the heavily eroded wooded area of Beach 3 behind the picnic tables. Joel and Betsy are jointly working on preparing a list of Replacement Trees for Community Properties.

Lawn Fertilizer Handout:
Betsy was asked by George McLennan of the WID, to prepare a handout explaining up to date lawn care and fertilizer information for WID to have for LB residents. She views this as the LBA Environmental Chair doing a service for both LB and the WID and is proceeding with its preparation.
ACTION ITEM: Betsy to prepare Lawn Fertilizer handout.
IMPROVEMENTS:  Joel will be looking at the Aqua Terrace entrance to see what work needs to be done.  Lifeguard stands need sealing and he will paint swings.  Several items will be taken care of in the off season such as painting of the guard boxes.  Lock combinations will be changed prior to next season.  Beach 5 walkway needs repair and road repair is needed near Dearborn Drive. Joel will report both items to VDOT.  New trash cans were installed at the beaches and soon new rolling recycling bins will be placed at the beaches.  The Beach 1 boat rack will be repaired by Richard Hardy.   
PUBLICATIONS:  Mark reported that the newsletter is getting on a more prompt schedule.  There will be a 4 page insert about RPA’s in the next issue. 
MEMBERSHIP:  Rick reported that $300 in transfer fees were received in August. 
COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:  Kim had to purchase additional signs for the Neighborhood Watch car patrols.  Litter has been an issue on Lakeview Drive and on Old Farm road and she asked the Board for suggestions.  Additional signage was discussed for the Community Garden. Debris piles left on the side of the road were discussed.  It was felt that the county number should be posted on Lake Link for residents to call for pick up. Question regarding former resident recently being on community property was discussed.   
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Steve would like committee budgets by next month.  He asked committee chairs to look at their line items to determine what needs to be noted and what does not. Steve reported that the audit for 2009 has begun.  Chris and the accountant met with the auditors last week. 
WATER SAFETY:  Sally reported that the season went well.  Kevin should be submitting his end of season report shortly. Joel said the run off and erosion at the beaches will need to be addressed.  Sally will put something on Lake Link regarding off season swimming hazards. 
ACTION ITEM: Sally to put notice in Lake Link on off season swimming hazards.
Adjourned at 10:08 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Eva Kosztarab, LBA Board Secretary